» UT. Tome of Holy Protection

A tome dedicated to the works of a forgotten god. It is written in a strange script that glows with a pure white light.
Effect on Self:
Armored for 4 seconds
On Equip:
+4 DEF
+40 Max HP
MP Cost: 130
XP Bonus: 7%

All Available Information
Class: Equipment
SlotType: Tome
Sound: spell/major_heal
ActivateOnEquip: IncrementStat
     Stat: DEF
     Amount: 4
ActivateOnEquip: IncrementStat
     Stat: MAXHP
     Amount: 40
BagType: White Bag
MpCost: 130
Activate: HealNova
     Range: 6
     Amount: 120
     WisMin: 50
     WisPerIncrease: 10
     WisHealBase: 30
     SplitHealing: true
Activate: ConditionEffectSelf
     Effect: Armored
     Duration: 4
     WisMin: 50
FeedPower: 1250
XPBonus: 7
Usable by: